August 23rd - 27th (Photo Scavenger Hunt)

August 28th (Challenge Checkpoints & Afterparty & Potluck)

The most fun you'll have on two wheels!

B.A.E. is a points-based cycling adventure. Swing a leg over your bike and explore Stevens Point in order to acquire points through a Photo Scavenger Hunt, Secret Clue Checkpoints, and unique Challenge Checkpoints. Costumes will grant you extra points! Each team (or rider if rolling solo) will receive a game pamphlet to keep track of points and decipher clues on checkpoint locations. Rack up as many points as you can before the Mega Radical After Party and Pot Luck.

The.Dirt.Bags BAE2.jpg

B.A.E. is designed to be the best bicycle experience you'll ever take part in! Win excellent prizes donated by Stevens Point's amazing local businesses. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers with the highest accumulated points win the Mega Grand Prize packages.  You don't have to take the podium to win! Each participating rider receives three tickets for a chance to win one of the many donated prizes at the always impressive prize drawing during the Mega Radical After Party. If there is one prize you like in particular, put all your tickets in that prize bucket for a better chance to win. Or you can divide your tickets out for a chance to win multiple prizes.


Here is the breakdown:

BAE VIII  will consist of 200 photo scavenger hunt items to be found throughout the week of August 23rd - 27th. That’s right, 5 days to find time to get outside and ride!  Ride together, ride solo, ride at any time, day or night.   


Our mega radical afterparty and challenge checkpoints bonanza will happen Saturday, August 28th, at Iverson Park.  Challenge checkpoints will be scattered throughout the park for riders to attempt to earn extra points for the final tally.  Arrive at the Iverson Park upper Pavillion before 1:00 PM on Saturday, August 28th, and Johnny will explain the days' activities. 

.Each team captain or solo rider (if not on a team), needs to choose their own super radical name, and click the registration link is at the bottom of this page.  Registration ends Saturday, August 21st, 11:59 PM.  Once the team captain or solo rider registers their team name, each participant on a team should fill out the waiver form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. 


.Each team/solo rider will have a team number assigned by the PABS crew and will be sent via email before the start of the scavenger hunt.


.A map of the boundaries and scavenger hunt list will be available on this page to print on the day of the event.  Each Scavenger hunt item will have a number next to it.  


.When an item is found, snap a picture of it and send it with your team name, team number, and number corresponding to the scavenger item on the list via email to: Just be sure to communicate with your team members to make sure you do not send double items. (there is a penalty for sending the same item twice) 

.All items can be viewed from public property.  Please do not enter private property without the owner's permission.   If you have any problems, questions, or concerns during the scavenger hunt, please contact Johnny during shop hours

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM at (715) 544-1000


.The PABS crew will have a score sheet with your team name and number on it to check off your found items whenever you decide to send them. (You can send them in groups of photos or one at a time whenever you find them, it’s up to you.) ***HOT TIP*** During the 2020 event, teams wrote the scavenger hunt photo number directly on the photo before sending it.


.At the end of the fifth day, we will add up the point totals and bring them to the upper pavilion at Iverson Park for the Mega Radical After Party Potluck and Challenge Checkpoint Bonanza on Saturday, August 28th.  


The potluck is your chance to show off your culinary excellence by bringing a dish or dessert to share. The more people share, the more we get to eat.  It's all about contributing to your cycling community.  Drop off your dish at the upper Iverson Park building before the start of the event. 

(Heck YES!  Anyone and everyone can bring a dish to share)


We are always in need of volunteers and prize donations during Bicycle Adventure Extravaganza! If you would like to help make one of the best cycling experiences happen, let us know!

Is your team already registered?  Awesome!  Just fill out our waiver.

We're adding participating businesses every day!

Be sure to support the local businesses that don't hesitate to support our

cycling culture!