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     Whether you are looking to cruise around the neighborhood, commute to work, or hit the Green Circle Trail, these bikes put a smile on your face every time you swing a leg over. With comfortable riding positions and affordable pricing, it's hard to beat a bike with such endless versatility. Below are just a few of the models we offer.
Fuji Traverse
     The Traverse is a dual-sport machine that will take you anywhere. With disc brakes and triple chainrings, the Traverse is a confident commuter on city streets but still able to conquer trails with ease. The go-to Green Circle Trail bike!
Felt Verza Path
     Equally at home on both paved roads and dirt trails, the Verza Path is one of the most versatile bikes we sell. The Verza Path’s upright riding position gives it a high level of comfort while its wide gear range means that no landscape is off-limits. Perfect for leisurely weekend rides and workday commutes, alike, the Verza Path seamlessly transitions into any riding situation with its comfort, stability and timeless style.
Fuji Absolute
     Known for versatility, the Absolute's geometry strikes a balance between speed and comfort, making it ideal for the fitness-minded rider, or the urbanite looking to ride to work or run errands.
Kona Splice
     Part adventure rig, part road warrior, part urban assault machine, the Splice gives comfort when you want and efficiency when in motion. With Suntour suspension up front, hydraulic disc brakes, and sturdy 700x40c wheels and tires the Splice may just tempt you to explore further than ever before.
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