Community Rides

Looking for a cycling adventure? We love riding in our community. We very much look forward to riding with you again.


Below are the rides currently scheduled for the 2021 season.  Sign up to our email list and be the first to know when we ride.


July 31st

Those of you who participated in past years remember how amazing this night ride is!  The Celebrate Plover Fireworks display is always next-level, and we cannot wait to share this experience with you all!


We'll be Bumpin' Feel Good Reggae Tunes from Johnny's party bike trailer while we roll to the always impressive "Celebrate Plover" Fireworks!

Meet at PABS by 7:30 pm, and we roll out by 7:45 pm.


Some riders like to stay afterward for the live music, food, and excellent beverages, but we'll lead a group back Downtown after the fireworks. Stay at the party or ride back with the group; we're all about FREEDOM!

*Those who choose to stay are on their own for the return journey*


The ride to Plover is 8 miles, and the return ride will be the same for a total of 16 miles. We will stop for a short break on the way to and from for a breather and photo-op.


Front and rear lights are required, and don't forget to wear a helmet. If you need any of these items, got a great selection at PABS.

LET'S GO!!! 

Your Responsibilities:

  • Bicycles must be in working order prior to riding

  • Follow directions from group leaders

  • Respect all traffic laws (We represent cycling culture)

  • Don't get trashed (That ain't cool)

  • Leave no trace

  • Helmet & Light-set

  • Signed release of liability, waiver, and assumption of risk form

Bumpin' feel-good reggae music on our ride to the
Celebrate Plover Fireworks!


August 23rd - 27th (photo scavenger hunt)
August 28th (challenges & after-party)

The most fun you'll have on two wheels!

B.A.E. is a points-based cycling adventure. Swing a leg over your bike and explore Stevens Point in order to acquire points through a five-day photo scavenger hunt and follow your week up with an afternoon of challenge checkpoints and afterparty pot-luck! 


The photo scavenger hunt portion of the event will consist of 200 photo items to be found within 5 days (August 23rd through the 27th). 

That’s right, 5 days to find time to get outside and ride before we gather for the Challenge Checkpoints and Mega Radical Afterparty & Pot-Luck at Iverson Park on Saturday, August 28th!


September 11th

Enjoy a backroad ride to Collins Park for a picnic!

Pack your picnic lunch, maybe a frisbee, and meet at PABS at 10:00 AM.  We will roll out by 10:15 AM for a moderately paced 17.5-mile scenic ride to Collins Park. We'll hang out, have lunch, and play some yard games before taking the same 17.5-mile journey back to the shop.  (35 total miles)  Limited attendance available; please reserve your spot today!

What to expect & expectations:

  • The moderate pace no-drop ride between 11-13 mph.

  • Follow the rules of the road and stay together. (We represent cycling culture)

  • Bikes must be in working order before riding.

  • Riders must be prepared to ride the entire 35-mile distance.

  • BYOP (Bring Your Own Picnic)  And leave no trace.

  • Helmet and a functioning red rear light is required.


September 24th - 26th

Take part in an amazing adventure by bike on the Mickelson Trail

in South Dakota!

Meet Michael and Alan in Deadwood, South Dakota, to start an epic adventure by bike on the world-famous George S. Mickelson Trail.  Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Black Hills,  this crushed limestone rail-to-trail conversion boasts over 100 converted trail bridges, four stone tunnels, and absolutely stunning views.  

Day one will take you on a 52-mile journey to Oreville Campground, in the Black Hills National Forest, where riders will spend their first evening camping.

Day two options include a full rest day for those who would like to explore Hill City and local sites, a 22-mile out-and-back ride to Custer SD, or a timed ride to Sheeps Canyon based on the group dynamic and temperatures with optional camping in Pringle, SD.

Day three will include the return trip from Oreville Campground to Deadwood, or returning from the timed cutoff group ride via Pringle. (Please inquire if you have questions as to how the timed cutoff/turnaround ride will function.)


Total miles for group with full rest day: 104 

Total miles for short distance ride with Custer day trip: 126

Total miles for full distance group: 150 -190 (longest possible route with timed turnaround)

Riders are responsible for all transportation to and from the ride, as well as all accommodations prior to, and following the event.

Riders will tentatively depart the Deadwood, SD Mickelson Trailhead at 9:30am on Friday, September 24th.

For more information, please call PABS at (715) 498-4122