Elroy Sparta Tunnel #1

2022  PABS
Destination & Community 

Looking for a cycling adventure? We love riding in our community. We very much look forward to riding with you in 2022.


Choose your adventure and come along for the ride!  Be sure to reserve your spot before the event cut-off date.

For over ten years, we've shared some incredible experiences with our community by simply enjoying our love for bicycles together.  Our shop events have been an integral part of our commitment to nurturing and inspiring our local cycling culture, and we have to admit, it's been nothing short of amazing riding and rocking out with all of you.


After a successful 2021 events season, our team was so excited for our 2022 season to kick off.  The second annual adventure campout ride to Hartman Creek went off without a hitch and is one for the memory books.  We can not thank our riders, volunteers, and sponsors enough for joining us on the journey. 


With that being said,  It is with enormous disappointment that we announce our remaining 2022 events are postponed until further notice.  Without injury or accident, we are puzzled that our insurance company has declined to cover the remaining 2022 PABS events.  They did, however, offer us an option to pay an additional lump sum to cover our remaining events, but it is not financially plausible for our customers or us.


Our number one priority when planning events has always been to keep everyone safe while enjoying time with friends and neighbors, but with any outdoor activity, there are inherent risks.  Folks here tend to take personal responsibility for their actions, and we appreciate how awesome, safe, and respectful everyone has always been while attending our events.  


We sincerely apologize for this complication and promise you that our crew will solve this setback and return to providing the community with epic cycling adventures.  In the meantime, if you plan on taking a bike ride, be sure to invite your friends and the PABS crew to ride along with you.


Please do us a solid, Pointers, stay positive, and STAY UPRIGHT 


*Please do not ask who our insurance company is.  We will not disclose this information.