Fat Tire Bikes

     You've seen them, the outrageously large-tired bikes rolling along, pedaled by a rider with the largest grin you've ever seen. Well, there's a reason fat bike riders' grins are so large. Fat bikes are plain fun. The monstrous tires let you roll over virtually everything, from snow to sand. Here in Wisconsin, cyclists don't want a bit of snow and shorter days to keep us from pedaling. Fat tire bikes help us stay in the saddle year round. Below are just a few of the models we offer.
Kona Wo
     If there was a biking equivalent of a Unimog, it might just be the fat bike. Burly, tough, and able to roll over anything, fat bikes have taken people into uncharted terrain unlike any other machine before. Forget the gym in the winter! Fat is the now! The Wo was Kona's first foray into the fat bike world and continues to be our gold standard.
Felt DD
     Whether it’s snow, sand, mud, or muck, no matter the terrain or conditions, Felt's fat bikes turn impossible riding scenarios into killer days on the trail. With rugged frames and super-fat tires, these bikes plow through anything thrown their way. You've never ridden anything like this, and you’ve never experienced the smile that will light up your face while riding a fatty.
     The Wednesday shares elements from Trail and Touring geometry to create a versatile fat bike that can truly handle anything you want to attempt. If you do an equal amount of off-road touring as you do hitting trails, Wednesday’s ability to play both parts equally will suit you well.
Surly Wednesday
Kona Wozo
     There’s something special about the pull to go deeper into lesser traveled terrain. Kona’s line of fat bikes is the answer to the age-old question, “How far should we go?” Ultra-wide tires provide traction in historically unrideable conditions. Sand, snow, and deep silty dirt are no longer reasons to avoid riding. Instead, they’re reasons to fill up your pack with adventure supplies and dive into the unknown!
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