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     There's something to say about waking up each morning with only two worries: What the weather is going to be like that day and where are you staying that night? When you're cyclo-touring, the road is wide open when you are carrying everything you need. Your next adventure awaits and PABS is here to send you down the road in the right direction. Below are just a few of the models we offer.
Surly Long Haul Trucker
     Designed for comfort while simultaneously hauling a lot of stuff long distances, many consider Long Haul Trucker to be the gold standard of touring bikes. It features everything a long-distance bicycle tourist would need when traversing the globe. LHT’s applications go well beyond global touring. It’s a great option for what Surly refers to as "extreme commuting." That means more than just carrying your laptop and change of clothes with you. You have the capacity for whatever the day throws at you.
All-City Space Horse
     Even if you own a different bike for everything, it’s still necessary to have one that can do it all. That bike is the Space Horse. It has become a cult favorite because of its classic styling and ability to handle just about any task or terrain.
Fuji Touring
     With a geometry that's perfect for multiple long days in the saddle carrying a heavy load to your destination, the Touring is Fuji's classic steel touring bike. If you're looking for a reliable and comfortable workhorse that can take you cross country, across your state or across town the Touring is the bike for you. Available in flat-mount disc or linear-pull brake versions.
Kona Sutra
     What happens when you put a mountain bike, road bike, and touring bike in a blender and hit go? The Sutra. Call it the drop bar bike for mountain bikers, or the Beast up to all burdens, but the Sutra is definitely one thing: bad ass. 700c wheels make it fast rolling. Beefier tires make rough terrain disappear, and there’s just something really special about the feel of a steel frame in motion. The Sutra and Sutra LTD offer style, an incredible ride, and amazing handling in one gorgeous package.
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