Wednesday Gravel Grinder

     Join us for Green Circle rides departing from Point Area Bicycle Service Wednesdays for some gravel goodness. Start times range from 6:00 to 6:30 depending of the time of year. Follow our Facebook page for ride updates.

     We take pride in the inclusiveness of our shop. These are "No Drop" rides that everyone is encouraged to join regardless of your fitness level.

    The first Wednesday every month will be the happy hour social cruise. These rides are chill-paced and cover a portion of the Green Circle Trail. Refreshments can be purchased at PABS before the ride.

    The third and fifth Wednesdays of the month are fast-paced gravel grinds around the whole Green Circle. Everyone is encouraged to ride at their fitness level but periodically take breaks to allow everyone to regroup.

     It is recommended to bring lights on the rides in case any of them extend beyond sunset.


Invite your friends and ride some bikes!

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